Money Management Program

MMP is a support program that matches trained and bonded staff or volunteers with older adults and adults with disabilities who need help managing their finances. Staff and volunteers can organize and pay bills, establish and maintain budgets, assist in applying for financial programs and assist with setting and achieving financial goals.

How do I know when to ask for help?

When you experience the following:

  • Difficulty managing finances
  • Late payments
  • Eviction notices
  • Cannot physically manage finances (low vision or difficulty writing checks)
  • Always in a financial crisis
  • Difficulty budgeting
  • Utilizes pay day loans or rent-to-own
  • Unable to track money
  • Forgetful
  • Low motivation to pay bills
  • Unopened or disorganized mail

What Happens When I Call?

A caseworker will talk to you to help you determine your needs. The caseworker will make a referral to the money management program. At that point, the local money management coordinator will contact you to discuss options and set-up an appointment to visit.

Call (309) 277-0167 or (800) 798-0988