Caregiver Support Program

We offer support for anyone caring for a senior, an individual with a diagnosis of dementia, and for grandparents raising grandchildren.  We currently offer supportive counseling, resource information and linkage, and access to available grant funding for respite and supplemental needs.

How do I know when to ask for help?

  • When you are feeling overwhelmed.
  • When you feel alone.
  • If you are missing work.
  • When you are feeling guilt, anger or frustration.
  • If you are losing your temper due to your loved ones’ behaviors. (i.e. violence, arguing, lack of sleep, repeating themselves)

What Happens When I Call?

You will talk to a Case Associate who will take your information and assign you to a Care Coordinator in your area. Your Coordinator will then call you and set up an appointment to further discuss your situation, complete an assessment as needed, and provide you with information on caregiver support programs and services in your area.

If you are looking specifically for services addressing your caregiver needs, Alternatives offers Caregiver Support through the Tailored Caregiver Assessment and Referral System Program (TCARE). TCARE is an accredited program that offers customized support to family caregivers.

What TCARE Does

  • Creates a care plan just for you that offers support and improves your effectiveness as a caregiver
  • Reduces your stress and provides strategies for reducing root causes of caregiver burnout
  • Connects you with resources for your physical health and mental well-being
  • Promotes aging in place and may delay nursing home placement for your loved one

How TCARE Works

Once you complete the online TCARE enrollment form below, an Alternative’s Caregiver Counselor will meet with you twice over the phone. During the first meeting, the Caregiver Counselor will learn about your sources of stress as well as your individual strengths. They will take this information to create a care plan just for you. During the second meeting, you will discuss your individualized care plan and how to put the plan into action. Moving forward, the Caregiver Counselor will reach out periodically to check in and see how the plan works for you.

Click here to begin the online enrollment process:

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