Is your home ready to take care of you?

Alternatives’ certified professionals identify ways to prepare older adults for the coming years.
You will have options and guidance every step of the way.

Do you or does someone you know have these concerns?
  • I want to stay in my home…
  • I’ve fallen in the last month…
  • Taking garbage out is difficult…
  • It’s hard getting in and out of the tub…
  • I’m worried about my parents…
  • I don’t know where to begin…
What we do:
  • We visit with you in your home.
  • We provide a professional analysis of how well your home is functioning for you.
  • We provide prioritized recommendations for you to consider.
  • We connect you with resources for your home.
What happens when I call?

A Home Modification Practitioner will ask you some basic questions about the concerns you or your loved one may be having about the home and will work with you to schedule an assessment.

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