Our Mission: Alternatives supports the independence and quality of life for older adults, adults with disabilities, and their families.

Ombudsman Program

Our Ombudsmen are advocates for residents aged sixty and older who live in licensed, long-term care facilities, i.e. nursing homes, shelter care, assisted living, supportive living and group homes.

What does an Ombudsman do?

  • Visits facilities regularly to inform residents about these services
  • Investigate & resolve complaints made by or on behalf of the residents
  • Helps resident & family in getting questions answered and provide individual consultations
  • Provides information on facility selection, different levels of care, regulations, nursing home procedures, Medicare/Medicaid and residents’ rights
  • Provides in-service education to nursing home staff
  • Provides community education on the ombudsman program, nursing home selection and rankings
  • Work toward improvement in the long-term care system
  • Analyze federal and state laws, rules and regulations & provide legislative advocacy

Who Can Make a Referral?
Referrals to the Ombudsman can come from anyone, are always confidential and the reporter can remain anonymous. Referrals may come from the resident, family members, facility staff, friends, clergy and medical personnel.

What should I look for?

  • Violations of residents’ rights and/or dignity
  • Physical, verbal or mental abuse
  • Inadequate or poor quality care
  • Unreasonable confinement
  • Accidents/improper handing
  • Staff shortages and poor attitudes
  • Family conflict
  • Improper discharge from facility
  • Incompatible roommates
  • Building safety
  • Lack of cleanliness or pests
  • Power of Attorney or guardianship issues
  • End of life issues

Call 309-277-0167 or 800-798-0988

What Happens When I Call?

You will be transferred to the Ombudsmen who will take an initial report and begin follow up for you.